Disguise Serenades

by Arlekin

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released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Arlekin Ukraine

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Track Name: The Lost Path
Inside some noisy place where no one knows me I’m a stand
They’re shouting, asking questions, with these voices I can’t stand
They say I know them but I don’t
They say I need them but I don’t
Their ugly faces changing every time they speak my name
I see, but I can’t get the way they play this crazy game
They say come join us No I won’t
They say believe us No I won’t

I’ve got a thousand stories but you won’t listen to
A million tricks at my disposal
But I see your mournful mood
For days you’re sitting and dreaming
Of the path I’ve told you
I built a hundred bridges
But none of them would lead you there

We’re living in this world of stolen thoughts, ideas and notes
I know the best way to win in this crazy game
We lost our precious path and we’re afraid of brand new start and we’re still standing on this path to be the same
Track Name: Dance of the Jester
Same old story: I’m the Jester
Two-faced creature, a freak forever
Banished from the roundabout’s womb
I’m an addict, an understudy
Acting weird, appearing nightly
Conjuring, jerking, digging my own tomb
Greasepaint rots, my face’s disgusting
Huddled into footlight’s lightning
Waiting for the harmony within
But the stammering announcer
Calls my name with a groan of laughter
I emerge and play again my scene

Dance, keep on dancing all day long
Whilst the mob’s making fun of you
Each man faces his death on alone
When there is nothing left to do

Flooded rooms of my dead memry
Those who loved and those who hatd me
Withered dreams still beckon silly me
Tiny necklace made of steel thorns
It’s too late to find my red rose
And my dance will never set me free

Dance, keep on dancing all day long
Whilst the mob’s making fun of you
Each man faces his death on alone
When there is nothing left to prove

Only when the nighttime falls I feel cozy and serene
My vigility unfolds though I’m quiet my wake begins

As I wander through my hopes and behold the sins unseen
I see what I had to see It reminds me of my previous scenes
Lying awake in bed, there’s a stream of visions
Running through my head, making an incision
Wounds me, inflicts me, accusing and amusing
Now, it says to me, it’s time for a Dance of the Jester

Seized with my emotions, patiently I wait
Please tell me bout my wrongs, show me my mistakes
I could lie forever, that’s the aim of mine
And the voices roaring me “it’s time for a Dance of the Jester”

Dance, keep on dancing all day long
Whilst the mob’s making fun of you
Each man faces his death on alone
When there is nothing left to prove
It’s your fate to be a fool for them
They consider that you really is
If they only knew what you can
They would never be at ease
And now you must dance
Track Name: Romance
Rising waves break shivering reflection
She’s sitting silent by the pool
Dispossessed by this magic elation
Her romance has been stolen by a fool

She’s still and her heart’s beating no more
Her glassy eyes staring without a glance
Willows whisper tales to this calm shore
And singing madrigals of her romance
Track Name: In This Puzzled Roundabout
Fathers what have you done to this world
Fathers this gutter keeps growing old
In this kingdom of believers
With no crown for royal one
There’s no wisdom but deceivers
There’s no future, only fun

Fallen now it’s time to set you free
Fallen be whom you wanted to be
Masquerade of perversions
All the feelings quickly fade
There’s no human, there’re no nations
There’s no end to this charade

Time runs faster over and over
Time ruins the world within
Time falls down from our shoulders
Time creeps, time’s crawling unseen

Slowly day to day we vanish
Our lovely homeworld
Then we wonder what has happened
Why have we become so cold

Apocalypse’s coming closer now
That’s the end, let’s finish it somehow
Rust in peace for many thousand years
World has gone beneath its senseless fears
Crippled bare zombies are no more
Calling themselves humans or so
Only two of us still rule the crowd hiding in this puzzled roundabout

Secrets hidden through our lore
We know what it’s all about
Only I see what it’s for
In this puzzled roundabout

We’ve reached the tide it swallows us
With our hopes and thoughts, tears and fears, we are here

It’s obvious now, the riddle’s broken
We set our dreams on fire in this puzzled roundabout